Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Erosion Preview

EROSION - Feel free to read a preview.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

They're out there!!

THE MONSTER BELT The Monster Belt is an area between two latitudes in the northern hemisphere where mythical creatures live. However, 21 year old Jess Winter suspects that monsters aren't confined to physical dimensions. She knows all about such things, living as she does in the remote Yorkshire village of Hawksmoor, smack bang in the middle of what is known in the right circles, as The Belt. Myth has it that Hawksmoor cradles its very own monster that drowns kids who dare to swim in the local lake. It’s a place Jess avoids because of its underground tunnels and caves. They remind her of the crevices and passageways in her head where other monsters lie. Sun-bronzed Harris White is looking for the creature that killed his best friend, Jonty, ten years ago in the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean. Driven by guilt, Harris won’t stop until he finds what he is looking for. He saw it take his friend. He looked it in the eye. He knows first-hand that monsters exist. Summer. The annual Crypto Zoology Convention has descended on Hawksmoor. Jess and Harris meet for the first time. Two days later, The Mere Monster claims yet another victim, thirteen year old Jordan King. Like Harris’ friend, his body cannot be found. And likewise, nor can the killer. When Jess agrees to join Harris in searching for the creature that murdered Jonty, she reads the book he has written about his quest and between the pages, Harris’ experiences blur with her reality. Denmark, France and ferries. On their way towards Spain, their quest is interrupted by the news that Jordan King’s body has been found. They return to Hawksmoor and Harris and Jess are forced to face what they fear most. Monsters are closer than we think and they can take on surprisingly mundane forms. Harris returns to the scene of Jonty’s death, just off the island of Formentera and Jess to employment in London where she finds monsters come in all sorts of guises. The following year. The Crypto Zoology Convention is in town again and Harris has brought a souvenir of Jonty’s killer to show everyone. Jess finally has to confront the monster that has plagued her dreams and every aspect of her waking life for the past six years. And the Mere Monster? It’s about to be unleashed.


http://topinfopost.com/2013/05/28/russia-warns-obama-monsanto Have a look at this article on how Monsanto and the biggest food companies control our future. It must stop. Bees are integral to growing food and they are being killed off by pesticides. We must force action against this.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BBC Radio Manchester Discussion on Writing.

Was on Sam Walker's show on Radio Manchester just after eleven this morning with Ed and Helen, discussing writing, getting back into writing, starting writing, why write, how write, where to write, what to write about....we just skimmed the surface. There is so much to talk about on a subject like this!! Hopefully, more discussions will follow.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Moving On

The old dark shining wood chest of drawers with the magical brass handles is by my bed. I always wanted it here and it fits perfectly. What nearly didn't come home from my mum's was a wardrobe. It is huge, or seemed huge. I remember hiding on top of it once, behind the raised, curved doors and no-one could see me. It is now in my bedroom and is petite and demure. How on earth could I think no-one would have seen me, hiding on top of it? My mum's house was a cottage. It was huge under those low ceilings. It now seems small in a high ceilinged 1920's house. And those grown ups stood around in that cottage bedroom saying, 'Mmmm? I wonder where Ruth could be hiding?' And crouching down, I couldn't see their faces. I am so glad this wardrobe has found its home here as well.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Having a look at the book

I've ordered two copies of The Monster Belt on LULU for two people to read through for me. It's easier for people to carry around a book than an A4 manuscript or read on-line. It also gives me the opportunity to play around with it as well. The cover photograph is from Wales, taken last summer. The blurb isn't quite right, but I wanted the copies asap. I've already changed a few things in the final two chapters and I think the first page doesn't quite flow. See? Helps me reading it as a book as well. And I will finish editing. I will. I'm suspecting there are a lot of book covers though with jetties featured. Will have to look at that.